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Scenery for FS2020 is not working


I recently bought the disc version of FS2020.

After correctly installing all the airports in the community file I noted that the simulator crashed on start up.

So I tried every scenery one by one instead of all in once and I saw that for the airports LLER and LLRS it worked, but some hangars and objects were missing.

The rest of the airports the software refuses to start up.

Thanks for your help


?community שלום, האם הכנסת את הקבצים לתיקייה של ה

?ומה המפרט של המחשב שלך

מחכה לתשובה,


Hi Matan,

I moved the files to the community folder, just as I did for other sceneries that I installed.

I have a brand new gaming PC, with the latest windows version.

Yom tov!



now when you moved the files to the community folder, the scenery is working?

and do you have the lastest msfs2020 update?


Looking deeper into the problem, there been reported CTD after the last update that related to the SDK, did you installed the SDK?

Hello Matan and Felix,

My Simulator has the latest update.

After removing the sceneries from the community folder my sim worked again.

What do you mean with CTD and SDK?




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